A lunch-to-dinner outfit for a busy weekend.

I absolutely love the swinging fringe. To style up the 70s aura that the skirt
emits, I paired it with a suede studded jacket.
Perfect match for this season and so nice to battle against the chilly winds at night!!

jacket: Gryphon
top: zara(here)
skirt/belt : Marella(similar here)
bangle: Valnetino(similar here)
shoes: DKNY(similar here)



Mu updated nails.
Kaleidoscope-inspired prints and my favorite color for autumn: burgundy!!



Now definitely it's time to organize my closet.
I can't deny that I should sort out the messy part, clear off the things not in need or out-of-the-date.

Out-of-the-date? Oh, how can I judge?
As far as the shopping goes, I stick to the rules.: quality & longevity.
So I'm inclined to think how I can restyle those outfits by bringing a fresh air
before throwing them away.

For instance, this sleeveless trench.
As it doesn't have sleeves, you can fold and tuck in for restyling into a skirt.
If you have a standard trench, you can use as a dress of course, or
pairing with a sweater or a knit vest might be even more fashionable.

Oops! Seems like I will be lost in a maze of closet throughout of this weekend!

top: tibi(here)
sleeveless trench: Glenn Dylann(vintage)
bangle: L'indochineur
ring: asos(old)
bag: YSL(color option here)
shoes: Emporio Arimani(similar here)



Because that I was raised with two elder brothers, I have much mannish
character, and so I love a concoction of masculinity and feminity which contrast each other.

This kind of neutral style is my favorite though I feel it's unpopular in the conservative Japanese society.
But even so I do believe in the power of clothes in guiding people's perceptions.
I love to wear a crazy silhouette
or conceptual outfits like these trousers in my turf of business.
They give some confidence and make me look different among the crowds.

top: Dholic(here)
pants: tibi(here)
necklace: asos(here)
bangle: Valentino
bag: Proenza Schouler
shoes: DKNY



Finally I can happily share my renovated kitchen with you.
I spent almost a half year designing it and am so satisfied with how
it looks.
As you see it's simple, modern and actually so practical.
A fridge and a dishwasher (both from AEG) are built-in, even a tish box
is stuck by a magnet under the table as I custom-made (seen on the last image).

The point I want to emphasize is the hue. I chose seven shades of black
for the entire kitchen this time.
I do love full-black kitchen but it could be too stern. So I mixed gray-black,
blue-black, metallic-black, mat-black, glossy-black, ash-black, and black in a marble.

Now I finished renovating my office and currently working on my new
house design. Hope I could share them with you soon!!

chairs from Minotti



Currently updated nails, with abstract crocodile print in a black hue.

Thank you so much for reading! Wish you an amazing weekend guys!!



Transitioning from summer to fall, leather is so versatile allowing us to
elevate our everyday wardrobe. Of course leather jackets (my favorite one is a biker!) are amazing autumn classic.
But you see, a suede mini dress (and moreover, half sleeve) is something you dare to play only for the beginning of
this season!!

dress: zara(here)
necklace: Forever 21(old)
bangle: zara(here)
bag: Jimmy Choo
shoes: zara(here)

Thanks for reading!! Wish you a lovely weekend!!